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Extended static checking Wikipedia.
The techniques used in extended static checking come from various fields of Computer Science, including static program analysis, symbolic simulation, model checking, abstract interpretation, SAT solving and automated theorem proving and type checking. Extended static checking is generally performed only at an intraprocedural level rather than an interprocedural one in order to scale to large programs.
Fact-checking Wikipedia.
1 failed verification Fact-checking can be conducted before ante hoc or after post hoc the text is published or otherwise disseminated. 2 Internal fact-checking is such checking done in-house by the publisher; when the text is analyzed by a third party, the process is called external fact-checking.
Guidelines on output checking CROS.
Question forum for EU-SILC scientific use files. Guidelines on output checking. Friday, 22 August, 2014. Documents up Handbook on Statistical Disclosure Control. Log in to post comments. 2020 06 16 Fourth meeting of the Microdata Access Network Group. 2.1 Output checking: points for discussion.
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Travel Info Checking in Eurostar. Belgium Flag.
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