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Alternative forms edit. checkered comparative more checkered, superlative most checkered. Divided into squares, or into light and dark patches. That is a checkered tablecloth. figuratively Changeable; inconsistent; having variations or uncertainty. I have a checkered past. 1981, Chequered Love, performed by Kim Wilde.:
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Get a Checkered mug for your boyfriend Bob. meaning one is who usually associated with the checkered patternlike; a person who is like pattern which doesnt match or makes no sense; plaid; a stupid idiot also can be a fascist nazi.
checkered Dictionary Definition:
The author who sells a million copies of her first book, four of the second, wins a prize for the third and dies at the ceremony has had a checkered career: it's' got bright spots and dark ones, like a checkerboard.
CHECKERED meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Urban-dwelling patients, checkered bars; rural-dwelling patients, filled bars. From the Cambridge English Corpus. For much of its long, complicated, and checkered career in the subcontinent, it had essentially functioned as a prestige language of high ritual, scholasticism, and elite culture.
Checkered Definition of Checkered by Merriam-Webster.
checkered che-krd Definition of checkered. 1: marked by alternating squares of different colors, shades, or materials a checkered fabric checkered tablecloths see also checkered flag. 2: marked by alternation or contrast of fortune the best album of his checkered career Mark Coleman especially: marked by many problems or failures had a checkered past that included convictions for battery and tax evasion.
Racing flags Wikipedia.
The chequered flag or checkered flag is displayed at the start/finish line to indicate that the race is officially finished. At some circuits, the first flag point will display a repeat chequered flag usually on the opposite side of the circuit.

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